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Managing Contractors During Home Rehabs

Whether you have purchased a home for yourself and your family to live in, or one you intend to use as a rental property, rehabilitation work is often necessary before anyone could move in. Even if you reside in the home, rehabilitation processes might be required to make it more livable and attractive. However, you need to go about it correctly or what should be a simple project can become expensive and time-consuming.

For most rehabilitation processes you will need more than one contractor. From the foundation to the roof, there are some specialties within the construction industry. Often, specific tasks must be completed by one group before another contractor and his team can come in and handle their job. This type of rotation might occur multiple times during the rehab and can be quite frustrating to manage for those who lack the experience to do so.

While you can attempt to set up everything yourself, many homeowners find that it is easier to hire a general contractor who oversees the entire renovation project. This person will be able to organize the services that you need, as well as the providers to take care of things. Of course, you need to be sure that you hire a good general contractor that you can trust to manage the situation with professional expertise.

If you don’t want to pay someone else to manage the teams for you, it will fall on your shoulders to take care of matters instead. If you have experience in management, that will give you a good start on handling the situation comfortably. However, even those who don’t have managerial experience can still take advantage of basic management techniques when it comes to the contractors.

No matter who is handling the management of the rehab, you need to be sure that everyone entering your home or on your property has the appropriate qualifications. The contracting companies should all be appropriately licensed and insured.

Look into the reputations of the company as well, adding the word “review” to the end of the contractor name before striking the enter key on your favorite search engine. The resulting search engine suggestions should give you an idea of customer satisfaction. Scan through some of the reviews to ensure that they are legitimate.

Before you can start choosing contractors though, you need to know what kind of work is needed, so you know who to hire for the task. Write out a list of the things that you know about, and have a professional consult with you regarding what additional work is necessary. For instance, you might not realize that the addition of a particular feature requires rewiring or installing new plumbing. Asking an expert first will help to ensure that you remain within budget.

Speaking of budget, you need to have it well established before you start. While there will almost always be a few extras that pop up along the way, prepare for them. When reviewing contracts for the people doing the work, make sure that the estimate is very detailed. Also, inquire about what other fees might show up based on common problems encountered in situations similar to yours.

Obtain estimates from two to four different contractors for each of the ones that you will need for the project. However, don’t limit your choices to those with the lowest projected rates. Pay attention to how their representative treated you during the interactions.

Additionally, make sure that the contractors you choose have a positive working relationship with each other. You don’t want to inadvertently get you and your house repairs mixed up in some squabble unrelated to you!

Keeping contractors in order while you are working on home rehab projects can be challenging. Make sure that they work well together and consider using a large chart to show the progress and how it should be going. This chart will help to keep the contractors on time and provide you a base for conversation regarding lagging completion times. Enjoy it all when finished!